· By Kat Schuetz

The Sacred Garden

I have a beloved Shamanic ritual. Upon going to sleep, to clear my Self from lower energies, to attune to higher ones, and even for healing, I retreat into my Sacred Garden. It is a dreamy place living in me beyond time and space. It is just mine. My own creation and treasured secret. I go there by setting the intention and dropping my Third Eye into my Heart. And then I see and feel this place.

I enter it through an old wooden gate – it marks the threshold between ordinary and non-ordinary. The gate is covered by a lush ivory vine which is pushed aside with the gate when I open it. And then the view falls upon the most beautiful spring forest. Birch trees with fresh green leaves. Apple and cherry trees in full bloom. Pearls of dew sitting on swaying blades of grass reflect the light of eternal dawn giving the whole garden an otherworldly sparkle. Wildflowers, daisies, poppies, cornflowers, and snowdrops sprinkle spots of colors. Butterflies dance. Bees hum. The fresh air is filled with birds singing and the sweet scent of the wildflowers.

I lie down in the grass and just let my Self into this mystic garden experience. I feel its freshness, its softness, its peace, and sacred ways. With every breath, these feelings enter my cells. With every beat of my heart, these feelings flow through my veins. This garden is deeply connected with Mother Earth. And so am I.

I am the creator but also caretaker of this place. It is my responsibility to tend to its trees, flowers, butterflies, bees, and birds. The healthier my garden, the healthier is my life.

Find your own inner Sacred Garden. Envision it, embellish it, take care of it, love it.

It is your place of rejuvenation and clearing. And it will be the place where you go when you die.