The story of human life is a story of the evolution of (self-)consciousness. It’s a story everyone should know. In a successive process of psychic awakening the mysterious Self is discovered and ultimately one’s existence in the vastness of the Universe is understood. It is also known as the Hero’s Journey because in order to find the light of (self-) consciousness one must find the courage to face inner demons and overcome the darkness and shadows of subconsciousness.

As this conscious adventure, it leads the Hero away from powerlessness and suffering into self-knowledge (Know Thyself), then self-healing (Heal Thyself), and eventually into self-mastery.

The entertaining but also educational ‘Know Thyself. Heal Thyself.’ – Trilogy is an artistically illustrated novel about the personal learnings and trials of one unique Heroine’s Journey. From an intimate point of view, the reader finds a treasure of inspirations, tools, and ideas for her/his own Hero’s Journey.

Find a wealth of wisdom

Combining fiction and non-fiction, the fiction part follows the imaginative and curious Gypsie growing up in an unconventional setting with a clairvoyant mother and an artist father. Both parents, endowed with a mystical connection, are adamant pursuers of self-knowledge and the truth of reality. Their way of living, filled with meditations, shadow work, studies, always close with Nature, have great influence on Gypsie’s awakening process which brings all kinds of challenges revealing inner shadows and evoking dreamworlds, visions, and spirits.

The non-fictional part is the exploration of ancient and modern world philosophies, mythologies and popular spiritual wisdom disciplines and rituals, which are given in conversations between Gypsie and her parents. The lessons and insights of these different world teachings offer the needed support for Gypsie and her Hero’s Journey. Lessons and insights, the reader benefits from.

Book 1 (Mind) of the Trilogy focuses on the mysteries of the
Mind, consciousness, and the Self. Here, it examines different paths and tools into self-mastery. From Eastern philosophies, Shamanism, Wiccan traditions, to Norse Mythology, it also touches Ayurveda, psychology, or quantum physics, and explains the symbol of the Cosmic Tree of Life (Kabbalah) structuring the Mind’s inner worlds. Giving such a broad foundation of wisdom, Book 1 (Mind) is a great start for everyone’s Hero’s Journey!