· By Kat Schuetz

The Lunar Cycle

We humans have an intricate connection with our Moon, this loyal companion of the night. And even though she has become such a thing of course (who is really attuned to her rhythms anymore?), our inner worlds, our thoughts, and emotions, but also our bodily rhythms, our waters, and our blood, never stopped to be greatly moved by her magnetic dance in the sky. Instead of ignorance, we should indeed embrace this mystical interplay. So, explore with me her eight enchanting forms changing over the course of ca. 28 days.

Let’s start with the New Moon, with which a lunar cycle begins. It’s the darkest phase as the Moon is right next to the Sun in the sky and doesn’t get any solar illuminations. Therefore, energetically, and symbolically the New Moon belongs to death, to the process of letting go, to clearing and cleansing. It’s normally when a woman menstruates, and the uterine lining is shed through the vagina. But as dark as this phase seems to be, it brings a profound sense of renewal and rebirth. It’s the time to set new intentions, plant new seeds of growth. It is often compared with wintertime.

The Waxing Moon as the Waxing Crescent calls not only for a concept but also a serious declaration to get started what is intended. The planted seed carrying all the potential inside starts to grow. It’s a woman’s phase of pre-ovulation bursting with potential. And this potential grows brighter with each passing night.

With the First Quarter Moon the intention gains momentum and leads to some action. The plant sprouts, tender leaves are seen. The ovulation process is well advanced, the eggs embodying the feminine force continue to mature. Fully embrace the inherent potential and re-evaluate how your aspiration reflects your current reality. It is often seen as springtime.

The Waxing Gibbous requires patience. Perhaps refinement is needed, even certain adjustments. The Moon’s growing radiance evokes a heightened sense of intuition guiding us to deep self-discovery and hence self-understanding. Flower buds appear.

At the Full Moon her majestic brilliance floods the night sky. Moon and Sun are opposite each other. Any intention peaks in energy. The eggs are released (ovulation) and move towards the uterus where it can be fertilized by a sperm cell (masculine force). It’s a blessing. A potential could become reality. It’s about creation. It’s a time of celebration, gratitude, and joy. It is summer. The plant’s flowers are blossoming.

The Waning Gibbous or Disseminating Moon is about release and reception. It is about harvest and this harvest is to share. You take and you give. So, it is also the time for introspection and this surrender to the gentle but also merciless flow of life. It is the time of pre-menstruation if the egg hasn’t been fertilized and will be excreted. It can also be the time when the fertilized egg has found a safe place in the spongy nest of the uterus brimming with nutrients.

The Last Quarter Moon means break-down and dismemberment. Forgiveness is asked for. The plant begins to wither and loses its leaves. We associate it with fall. The uterus will soon excrete blood carrying the needless tissues and nutrients (Menstruation).

The Waning Crescent or Balsamic Moon’s energy is about retreat, rest, and restore. This lunar phase requests intuitive reflection to figure out your new intentions which you will receive out of the infinite possibilities held within the darkness of the New Moon. New seeds are prepared. Ovulation will occur again.