At the end of Book 1 (Mind) Gypsie's life had become a continuous work with the mind, entailing studies, meditations, dream journeys, and critical and honest self-analysis.

Book 2 (Body) focusing upon life's physicality, its seasons and cycles, picks up her story, when Gypsie and her parents leave Montauk, her home for 12 years, to move to Paris to guide a dying uncle through his transformational process into the afterlife. Here, the reader will be introduced to prayers, the different stages of the dying process, and the stadial dissolution of the elements in the body but will also learn about different creation stories told over time.

After the uncle's passing, they return to Montauk. A new chapter of life opens for Gypsie. Her becoming a woman is celebrated by a Menarche ceremony awakening her awareness to the wonders of the body, cycles and rhythms.

The Body is your temple

Shortly after, Gypsie and her parents depart once more to spend a year at the Elveden estate in rural Bavaria, Germany. In closeness to nature, in sync with the land, the flowers, and trees, she experiences the wheel of the year with different rituals and celebrations and learns amongst other things about astrology and tarot.

At the end of Book 2 (Body) the Corona pandemic hits the world and while it goes into lockdown, Gypsie must face her so far biggest challenge.

Once more, the reader intimately witnesses life through Gypsie's eyes and receives precious knowledge, ancient and modern, which supports his or her very own Hero's Journey.