Know Thyself.

Heal Thyself.

A Trilogy

to awaken the Hero within

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"So, if no one...

... puts a willpower, a focus and concentration upon something, this something is not manifest. This means that on the quantum level all in the Universe is just a potential waiting to be created! Namely created by our mind and consciousness! (...) We think and feel our life into reality."

- Book 2 (Body) -

Kat Schuetz's depth and breadth of knowledge as it relates to a broad spectrum of topics that go to the heart of our very existence is truly remarkable and is only matched by her desire to share her hard-earned wisdom with others. From wisdom teachings - both ancient and contemporary - to topics ranging from mythology, astrology and quantum physics. This Trilogy will nourish your heart, mind and soul.

- Dikran Kadagian, best-selling author of The Crossover Experience

If you are ready for a mind-opening journey leading beyond the world of matter into the world of energies, possibilities, and quanta, teaching in an entertaining way about the conundrums of consciousness, mind, and self, then these are the books for you.

- Steve Comer, YOUniversity Founder & NCS Consultant for Dr Joe Dispenza

In this trilogy, the heroine shares her adventures as she explores her burgeoning consciousness. We vicariously dive deep and rise high as she zestfully delves into experiences paralleling various traditions that have evolved in human consciousness. But make no mistake, our heroine creates her own unique pathway! I heartily recommend this story of a young woman's blossoming awareness, told through whimsical, yet sage eyes that embrace the wonder and awe of the magical, mystical pathway. Utterly delightful!

- Chetna Lawless, Shamanic Practitioner and founder of the mystery school Laughing Rainbow

"Somehow, we Always Knew,"...

.... my father spoke on, "that our innermost was connected with the Universe, and that if we understood the planets and stars, then we would understand our own existence."

- Book 1 (Mind) -


  • The Lunar Cycle

    By Kat Schuetz

    We humans have an intricate connection with our Moon, this loyal companion of the night. And even though she has become such a thing of course (who is really attuned to her rhythms anymore?), our inner worlds, our thoughts, and emotions, but also our bodily rhythms, our waters, and our blood, never stopped to be greatly moved by her magnetic dance in the sky.
  • The Sacred Garden

    By Kat Schuetz

    I have a beloved Shamanic ritual. Upon going to sleep, to clear my Self from lower energies, to attune to higher ones, and even for healing, I retreat into my Sacred Garden. It is a dreamy place living in me beyond time and space. It is just mine. My own creation and treasured secret. I go there by setting the intention and dropping my Third Eye into my Heart. And then I see and feel this place.
  • The Wicked Games of Words

    By Kat Schuetz

    The Mind is in love with the magic of words.
    Does the Mind even have a chance to not fall for words?


...told in motion picture art


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