...has always experienced the world through the open-minded eyes of art. A secret dancer and free-spirited artist, she was also a gallery-co-owner in Munich, and writer about the arts (‘New Yorker Kunstgeschichten’, a philosophical exploration of 12 world-renowned art venues and artists like Louise Bourgeois or Merce Cunningham in New York, and ‘Himmel über Fluxus’ – a biography about the late Fluxus artist Geoffrey Hendricks).

But they were the long conversations and visits with Geoffrey Hendricks learning
about his psychedelic and spiritual experiences in the 1960ies which allowed
her to recognize art as a mere bridge to her own spiritual side and
clairsentience which she had suppressed since childhood.

This otherworldly aspect of hers opened even wider in 2010, when
Kat Schuetz left her native Germany for Sarasota, Florida. This profound
uprooting brought to light some shadows of hers. In order to understand them
but also integrate/heal them, she started intense studies of ancient but also
modern wisdom teachings of life enlightening this inner darkness and mysteries
of consciousness and Self.

This endeavor intensified even more in 2011, when her mother
unexpectedly passed away. She watched her dying process and final breath. Since then, she has mind-blowing encounters with her dead mother defying any ordinary laws. It pushed her to work with a Shamanic practitioner, Chetna Lawless, to learn the Shamanic art of dream journeying which allows to explore the Other World in full awareness. Chetna became a close friend, and she still works with her regularly. In 2014 her father had a fatal operation which brought him to near death. Witnessing once more the dying process, she then focused her studies and meditations around near-death-experiences, death and dying, and the afterlife.

In 2015, she started to put all her spiritual wisdom into writing which would become the ‘Know Thyself. Heal Thyself.’-Trilogy. The Symbol of the Light of Love, which had come to her in visions since 2018, and embodies the psychic path of the human Hero’s Journey into self-knowledge and self-healing, has become thereby her key-tool. It is widely explained in ‘Know Thyself. Heal Thyself’-Book 3 (Soul).

Today, meditation, Tarot, runes, yoga, breath work, tuning forks, are part of her daily life. Her dreams and visions fill countless journals, always enriched by her artwork (partly having turned into the illustrations of her books). Out of her friendship with different holistic healers, astrologers, energy workers, or mediums an inner circle of soul-sisters arose. With them she meets weekly to intentionally bring forgotten wisdom about health, balance, love and peace, into this world. With this circle, a new book project is in the making.

In a more mundane aspect, she holds a master’s degree in business. She is the co-founder of the Sarasota Art Museum, and the co-founder of Project Coffee Company promoting a vegan lifestyle. With her husband and two sons, she lives between Sarasota and Munich. Her free time she spends in her wildflower gardens or with her family and friends. Her purpose is to bring beauty, wisdom, and magic to this life.