· By Kat Schuetz

The Story of Life is a Story of Consciousness

It intrigues me, that the story of life is a story of consciousness, and that therefore, the evolution of human life is the development of consciousness respectively self-consciousness. This means further that the fuel of evolution is the self-propelled urge to discover the wholesome and authentic Self within the greater scheme of a universal life. ‘What is life and who am I in this life?’ is the question which longs to be answered in every aspect.

The overall motto for life indeed seems to be what the Greek Oracle in Delphi has always promoted: ‘Know Thyself’.

In order to fulfill this urge, a person’s consciousness absorbs and integrates more and more of formerly subconscious or superconscious content over the course of life, and then life after life. In this regard please note, that I avoid speaking of unconsciousness as in my opinion nothing in life can ever be complete unconscious. For me it would contradict the approach of life as being of consciousness, but admittedly it is just a personal naming issue.

Anyhow, every human being passes thereby through a succession of archetypal stages along which the person’s mind’s capacity and faculty changes and expands. The personal evolution is indeed a successive process of psychic awakening.

It starts with the embryo’s awareness, which is still completely merged with the collective subconsciousness belonging to humanity as a total. For the embryo the world and Self are still one. Actually, all is one here. Then we have the baby’s consciousness, which is still not of self-awareness, but is determined by the parents. Baby’s world is the parents’ world. Only later comes the toddler’s curious discovery of the Self in the mirror turning slowly into the child’s phase of defiance pushing self-consciousness further. It is the teenager’s puberty, which tries to cut the cord for good and strives for self-independence. True individuation though, to use Carl Gustav Jung’s term, starts only in the second half of life.

Whenever throughout life the personal self-development hasn’t unfolded as it should have, a crisis or catastrophe will occur trying to compel authentic self-consciousness. It is also called the dark night of the soul. It is the appearance of the Inner Child.

Generally speaking, the personal development always leads out of the collective and transpersonal in order to find this mysterious, unique Self, which simultaneously remains part of the collective subconsciousness. So, complete detachment and liberation cannot be achieved. In fact, every night we slip back. We call it sleep and dreams. We descend into the Akashic Records.

The collective ocean of subconsciousness is indeed the seedbed of our existence shaped by our ancestors. We will reshape it for our descendants.

Yes, determined greatly by the collective, transpersonal subconsciousness of mankind, the conscious development happens on an individual level, just to feed back into the collective thereby expediting mankind’s evolution.

The human process of self-revelation and stadial awakening is often called a Hero’s Journey because in order to find the light of self-consciousness one has to face the darkness of subconsciousness. And in this darkness not only mankind’s complete evolution is hidden, but also its shadows accumulated over time including our own shadows.

We need to enlighten this darkness, out of which we have come and still retreat into. We need to embrace the Moon in order to find the Sun.

The Hero’s Journey is a challenge we must take.

We can of course choose our own pace and path, can take detours if wished, after all we have free will. But it will still be the Hero’s Journey.

This heroic journey is woven into the greater story of life and consciousness. And we are not only part of this greater story of life and consciousness, but we are the story itself. There is nothing beyond this story. Perhaps you know the saying, that the snake is biting its tail.

And so, we must start to understand the story of life, our story. We must start to know its workings, rules, and structures. We must start to explore and ultimately know our Selves.

Knowledge about life is indeed what we need. The more knowledge we have, the better we can master the Hero’s Journey to achieve enlightenment.

With knowledge we can awaken to be the self-aware, powerful, determined author of our life. And wouldn’t it be a story of happiness, love, and light?

This knowledge has thereby always been available. Ancient wisdom about creation, life and consciousness, all these different spiritual teachings and myths around the world showing us how to create and experience love and light, have always been there for us, have survived thousands of years. Some have remained untouched, others have been adapted and reinterpreted over the course of time to meet evolutionary changes.

It’s time, that we embrace this ancient wisdom.

It’s time, that we see, that the story of life and consciousness is a self-fulfilling prophecy because the snake bites its tail, because cause is effect.

And I hope, that the ‘Know Thyself. Heal Thyself’ - Trilogy helps this endeavor.

These books should not only inspire but empower the reader by witnessing the girl Gypsie’s passage through the different stages of the Hero’s Journey and her discovery of this ancient wisdom about life along the way.